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These flash-based e-learning modules cover a fair amount of the text, but far from everything. The modules are related to specific chapters in the textbook but can of course also be used independently.
Chapter 2 Chapter 7 Chapter 16
Chapter 3 Chapter 8
Chapter 17
Chapter 5 Chapter 10
We have now started to work on modules on folding and shear zones, but it takes a while before you will see them here...

Comments on the modules are appreciated and should be directed to Haakon Fossen.

Other resources

Strain and shear zones: Rod Holcombe's Structural Geology Animation Library is well worth a visit

Deformation of lines, planes etc. can be explored by means of Nestor Cardozo's OSXGeoCalc for the Mac. You will find other programs here as well.

The Structural Geology Page contains much information within the field.