Yngve Kristoffersen
Name: Yngve Kristoffersen
Position: professor
Work: University of Bergen
Department of Earth Science
Allègaten 41,
N-5007 Bergen
Phone: +47 55 58 34 07
Mobile: +47 47 31 84 46
Fax: +47 55 58 36 60
E-mail: yngve.kristoffersen@geo.uib.no

Research interests:

  • Tectonic and paleoceanographic history of the polar regions
  • Geotechnology
  • Crustal structure - seismic imaging of continental and oceanic crust

Current projects:

  • buoy for automatic seismic data acquisition from drifting sea ice Adobe Acrobat File
  • hydrostatic piston corer (Bergen Corer) and corer for re-entry operation Adobe Acrobat File
  • hovercraft as an alternative reseach platform in the Arctic Ocean (http://www.polarhovercraft.no)
  • Antarctica: First vibroseis profile across a continental margin covered by a floating ice shelf Adobe Acrobat File
  • Cenozoic sedimentation on the continental margin of East Antarctica Adobe Acrobat File