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Ship contact info

VHF Radio Call Sign:
Iridium phone cockpit:
00 - 88 1677 72 7018
Iridium spare 1:
00 - 88 1621 41 8079
Iridium spare 2:
00 - 88 1621 44 3804
Emergency Beacon:
ID: ADE90 05931 C34D
Handheld Emergency Beacon:
ID: LC 4652
Hovercraft registered in Delaware, US:
DL 1519 AB


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Water masses and mixtures water masses are characterized by their temperature and salinity. The conductivity, temperature and depth (CTD) probe is the most important instrument to derive basic water mass properties.

Sabvabaa has a Sea Bird SBE 19Plus- Version 2 SeaCat profiler with a titanium housing depth rated to 7000 meter and a pressure sensor rated to 3500 meter depth. The CTD winch has 500 meter of conducting cable. If used as a self contained recorder, we have an 1100 meter kevlar line available.

Preparing for a CTD cast through a seal's breathing hole

Eli Ersdal getting the CTD readyResults from the West Spitsbergen Current north of Spitsbergen

The CTD winch with 500 meter conducting cable. Total weight ca. 100 kilo

Sabvabaa is equipped with an Aanderaa Seaguard recording Current Meter DW (RCM) with a 6000 meter depth rating. The RCM is normally suspended overnight from the CTD winch.

The Aanderaa recording current meterHigh school students Joacim and Hanne preparing for RCM deployment
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