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Ship contact info

VHF Radio Call Sign:
Iridium phone cockpit:
00 - 88 1677 72 7018
Iridium spare 1:
00 - 88 1621 41 8079
Iridium spare 2:
00 - 88 1621 44 3804
Emergency Beacon:
ID: ADE90 05931 C34D
Handheld Emergency Beacon:
ID: LC 4652
Hovercraft registered in Delaware, US:
DL 1519 AB


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The vessel is furnished with a number of VHF units, ref. description here.

There is a VHF repeater chain on Svalbard. VHF transceivers with tone signaling can have calls forwarded to the telephone network. We will later establish the range of the repeater chain, and provide description of how to use it.

The Telenor Maritime Radio provides various services. VHF transceivers with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) can make calls to ordinary telephone numbers by following this procedure (in Norwegian). According to this map, there are three coastal VHF stations in Svalbard: Longyearbyen, Isfjord and Ny-Ă…lesund.

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