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Ship contact info

VHF Radio Call Sign:
Iridium phone cockpit:
00 - 88 1677 72 7018
Iridium spare 1:
00 - 88 1621 41 8079
Iridium spare 2:
00 - 88 1621 44 3804
Emergency Beacon:
ID: ADE90 05931 C34D
Handheld Emergency Beacon:
ID: LC 4652
Hovercraft registered in Delaware, US:
DL 1519 AB


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Department of Earth Science
 Allé gt. 41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway 
0.1 DRAFT - 28 May, 2020 OM OM -
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A 20 inch3 Bolt airgun. Click to enlarge.

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Air bubbles from a shot. Click to enlarge.


Laptops, 2x

GNSS units

Navilock NL-8004U USB 2.0 GNSS Receiver

Time stamping of airgun firing

  • Remote Trigger Module 3, or RTM3, made by Seismic Source Company
  • Ethernet: The RTM3 has a fixed IP and not a DHCP server. If the RTM has a serial number of 171 the IP address will be, The computer should be set to This link shows a video on setting up the computer IP address:
  • Display: The "1" is the GPS indicator value from the NMEA string, $GPGGA, that is being received by the RTM3 and sent by the GPS receiver. The "P" means that the RTM3 is receiving the PPS from the GPS receiver. The "T:OK" means the RTM3 is time synchronized with the GPS receiver’s NMEA messages and PPS.

Under consideration:

GEODE seismic recorder


  • Trigger Interface cable: Item: 0026960-10 "CBL ASSY, TRIGGER (BNC TO 3-PIN) CO: SN030437


USB to serial adapters

  • 1-port serial
  • Manufacturer: ST Labs

SURVEYS 2008 - 2019

Single hydrophone

We have been using:

Splicing of hydrophone cable

Hydrophones are normally ordered unterminated. In order to splice the hydrophone cable to a suitable underwater pigtail cable (which is delivered with one connector; the other side is open) an inline cable splicing kit must be used:

Norwegian suppliers:

Interface between hydrophone AQ-18 / 6 ch streamer and GEODE recording system

Click to see large version:

Interface between Teledyne AQ-18 Hydrophone  / 6 channel mini-streamer and Geode Recording system (click to see large version)
Interface between Teledyne AQ-18 Hydrophone / 6 channel mini-streamer and Geode Recording system - click to see large version.
Recommended AQ-18 decoupling and wiring.

Recommended AQ-18 decoupling and wiring.

The recommended decoupling is done in the interface box shown below. The interface is also furnished with a DC/DC-converter in order to provide a clean 12 Vdc power source for the hydrophone.

Teledyne hydrophone AQ-18 interface box - click to enlarge.
Teledyne hydrophone AQ-18 interface box (click to enlarge).
6 channel mini-streamer terminals, Geode recording cable (click to enlarge).
6 channel mini-streamer terminals, Geode recording cable (click to enlarge).

Mini-streamer, 6 channels

Mini-streamer lay-out

Mini-streamer layout.

  • Mfr: SigFrance
  • Channels: 6
  • Model: SIG 16.6x4.46
  • S/N: 08044
  • Date: 04/2008
  • Hydrophone elements:
    • Sensitivity: -90 dB re 1 V/uBar, +/- 1 dB
    • Frequency response: Flat +/- 1 dB over the frequency range 10 to 1000 Hz
    • Max operating depth: 80 m
    • Capacitance: 18.0 +/- 1.0 nF @ 20 deg C and 1 kHz
  • Active section:
    • Length: 46 m
    • Diameter: Inside Ø=25 mm, outside Ø=30.5 mm
    • Density: 1.05
    • Oil: 880
    • Number of channels: 6
    • Number of hydrophones per channel: 4
  • Leadin cable:
    • Length: 75 m
    • Breaking strength: 500 Kg
  • Preamplifier:
    • Number of channels: 6
    • Gain: 32 dB (=40x)
    • Bandwidth: 2 - 3000 Hz
    • Maximum voltage output: 12 V p-p
    • Current consumption: < 2 mA

Seismic source


Geometrics Geode

GPS for time- and position stamping of data

  • GPS: Garmin GPS 35-HVS
    GPS has been configured to only output GPGGA NMEA telegram. Link to configuration program and User Manual. The GEODE has a small quirk in that you cannot specify the NMEA telegram to record alongside seismic data. So to ensure consistency in time/positional logging the attached GPS should output only one type of NMEA telegram.

Configuration for use with UBS based GPS

If a USB based GPS should be used, there is a problem as the Geode software only accepts serial port in the Keep('COM1') to Keep('COM4') range, see screenshot below.

The USB based GPS will normally be assigned to a COM number in a higher range. So a remapping of COM port assignment need to be done.

Geode software serial setup menu
Geode software serial setup menu.

Default COM port assignment and NMEA telegram output from ordinary USB/GPS shown below.

Data from USB/GPS, default selection of telegrams.
Data from USB/GPS, default selection of telegrams.

Re-assigning COM port to fall within the 1-4 range is accomplished from Control Panel -> Hardware -> Comport -> (properties of USB/GPS port)

In advanced settings, you can force comport setting to an available number within the 1-4 range that Geode software accepts.

Backup recording system

Ref. notes on this page.

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