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Ship contact info

VHF Radio Call Sign:
Iridium phone cockpit:
00 - 88 1677 72 7018
Iridium spare 1:
00 - 88 1621 41 8079
Iridium spare 2:
00 - 88 1621 44 3804
Emergency Beacon:
ID: ADE90 05931 C34D
Handheld Emergency Beacon:
ID: LC 4652
Hovercraft registered in Delaware, US:
DL 1519 AB


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By: O.M.
Update: 18 May 2010

Item Issue Action taken Status
1 Furuno Echo Sounder: Can we log bathy data together with GPS information? Solution documented here:
  • Must merge information from both Echo Sounder and GPS
  • Software scheduled to run on front laptop positioned to the left of Radar/Plotter.
  • Same laptop should also act as track logger; thus one GPS device must be shared by two programs -> this can most easily be accomplished by suitable software, e.g. Franson GpsGate
Software under test.
Documented here.
2 Chirp Sonar (Knudsen):
  • Check normal operation incl. merging of GPS data.
  • Update software as needed.
Click to see software versions as of April 2010.
  • Did not receive software updates before departure.
  • Chirp Sonar PC brought to Bergen for updating.
  • Received software from Knudsen Engineering (as email attachment).
Installed new sounder suite software - overview of installed components provided here.


3 AXIS Video Server:
  • Password for both video and configuration access lost
  • Check operation of cameras
  • Reset Video Server accordring to procedure in User manual. New configuration of Video Server software.
    NOTE: Both data access and configuration via browser - similar to wireless access point setup.
  • New config:
    • User name / password not needed for data access
    • Change of config:
      -> User name = root
      -> Password = pass
      (these are default values)
    • IP =
  • Data access from
  • New web page documenting Video Server setup
OK - case closed.
4 Laptop: Dell Vostro 1700
(intended usage: a) Camera display, b) position tracking


  • WIN XP upgrade: Service Pack 3, plus other updates
  • Dell drivers:
    • Installed drivers for graphics, sound, modem
    • BIOS: Upgraded from ver. 01 to ver. 07.
  • Serial drivers: Latest vesrion of driver fro GPS-USB unit
  • Global Mapper:
    • Installed lastest version 11.x
    • Attempted using GM in GPS tracking mode, but system crashes, this seems always related to use of USB serial adapters. Crash -> either Blue Screen or freeze.

Could not resolve serial RS-232 issue that seemed to cause system crash.

  • Laptop brought to Bergen
  • Due to be replaced by other laptop (preferably of smaller size).
Replaced by other laptop (much smaller).
5 Laptop: "HC-1" - DELL LATITUDE D630
Primary usage: GEODE seismograph logging
  • GEODE software maintenance:
  • Logging of data drom Echo Sounder (trial; logging will eventually take place on fron laptop).
    • Installed driver for USB-RS422/485 adapter model US-324B mfr: BrainBoxes. Can then log data from Furuno Echo Sounder, which transmits data in RS-422 (differential signalling).
Enter GEODE licence key (received in email) upon next visit to hovercraft.
6 NAL Research Iridium/GPS Tracking Unit:

Extract accurate position from email attachments sendt every xx minutes.

Decoding of proper Iridium/GPS Tracker position "hidden" in email attachment now works, also under Linux. The attachment is 30 byte long and coded in NAL proprietary compressed format, not documented anywhere. So we have to use Windows software provided by NAL, called "Tracker Utilities/SMT_Command_Line.exe". On Linux, there's a Windows emulation program (called "wine"), thus we should now be able to plot accurate H/C position using GMT.

Download "Tracker Utilities/SMT_Command_Line.exe" software from NAL ftp site:

7 Chart plotter:
A method for plotting vessel position using IBCAO bathy data.
8 GPS Track logging:
Reduce logging interval, from current 1 second to 5 seconds.
- Solved, combined with issue 1 above.
9 Select new GPS to replace two different types (PC GPS connection). JohnH suggested Garmin GPS 18x USB, and specifications seem to match our requirements:
  • Should be able to configure the device to transmit user selectable NMEA telegrams.
  • Suitable water proofing.
  • At least 1 Hz update frequency.

  • John shipped 2 ea Garmin GPS 18x USB to UNIS in April. C/O J.I.
  • 2 ea Garmin GPS 18x USB ordered from norwegian Garmin representative Equipnor 6 May 2010. Less then 1 wk delivery time.
18 May: Reminder sendt to Norwegian supplier Equipnor.
10 Mini-GUNCO:
2 of 3 gun solenoid outputs are defective.
- -
11 Mini-GUNCO control program:
Improve program so it can activate GUNCO both on distance and time (currently only time based triggering).
- -
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