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Meeting 10 May 2006

Agenda How central IT policies will influence IFG IT planning
  • Bjørn Tore Sund (central IT dept)
  • Egil Pedersen (central IT dept)
  • Karl Magnus Kolstø (IFG)
  • Øyvind Natvik (IFG)
  • Ole Meyer (IFG)
Minutes taken by Ole Meyer
Meeting started 10 May 2006, 13:00
Adjourned 14:10
  • Central IT now preparing Linux client system, scheduled for 1 Aug 2006. No time to consider server migration to central IT.
  • Migration of servers on each faculty department will be treated as separate projects. IFG is #2 on list.
  • Software / hardware related to specific IFG areas of study can still be operated and maintained locally. Servers may/may not be moved to central IT dept location.
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