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The survey web pages provide:

  • Background information.
  • Details on equipment, HSE (health-security-environment) and any engineering that was required.
  • A repository for logsheets, navigation records and unprocessed geophysical data.
Survey Date Description
OBS Survey 2019 Ocean Bottom Seismograph survey, using RV "G.O. SARS"
OBS Survey 2018-20 Offshore Brazil, using RV "Alpha-Crucis", University of São Paulo, Brazil
Chirp Sonar survey June 2017 Aurland- and Fjærlandsfjorden, Sogn, Norway
OBS survey 8 - 14 July, 2016 Ocean Bottom Seismograph survey
Seismic survey Andfjorden, Norway 19 - 23 September, 2014 Marine geophysical survey using RV "Håkon Mosby". Coordinated with land survey on Andøya.
Project leader: Norges geologiske undersøkelser.
SVALEX-2014 15 - 24 August, 2014 Student field course on RV "Håkon Mosby", Svalbard
OBS survey, Barents Sea 20 July - 12 August, 2014 Ocean Bottom Seismograph survey
OBS survey, Andøya, Norway 14 - 19 September, 2013 Ocean Bottom Seismograph survey
SVALEX-2013 12 - 24 August, 2013 Student field course on RV "Håkon Mosby", Svalbard
Namibia-2013 3 - 21 June, 2013 Geology field work in Namibia
P-cable test February, 2013 Test of P-cable system
Gravity meter survey November 2012 - March 2013 Data collecting program on board RV "H.U. Sverdrup"
SVALEX-2012 August 2012 Student field course on RV "Håkon Mosby", Svalbard
OBS Survey, RV "Haakon Mosby" July-August 2012 Ocean Bottom Seismograph Survey
MG&G, RV "G.O. Sars" June 2012 Marine Geology & Geophysics Survey, using RV "G.O.Sars"
Finnmarksvidden March/April 2012 NGU project collaboration
SVALEX-2011 20 Aug - 29 Aug 2011 Student field course on RV "Håkon Mosby", Svalbard
East Greenland OBS survey 31 July - 17 August, 2011 Ocean Bottom Seismograph survey
UNIS Seismic Survey 2011 20 March - 1 April 2011 Snow streamer seismic survey, Svalbard, March 2011. Part of UNIS course AG-335.
SVALEX-2010 19 Aug - 1 Sept 2010 Student field course on RV "Håkon Mosby", Svalbard
Aegir Ridge OBS and dredging survey May/June 2010 Ocean Bottom Seismograph survey
Vibroseis Antarctica Jan/Feb 2010 Seismic survey in preparation of ice core drilling, part of AWI project, Dronning Maud Land.
"Carbon Capture & Storage" Well Site Survey Jan/Feb 2010 Seismic survey with snowstreamers, Svalbard, January 2010. Part of UNIS project.
Knipovich Ridge & SVALEX-2009 19 Aug - 4 Sept 2009 Combined: Knipovich Ridge % Geophysical student field course, Svalbard, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
Jan Mayen Array 29 July - 29 Sept 2009 Temporary seismograph array, part of M.Sc. work
OBS 24 May - 11 June 2009 Ocean Bottom Seismograph (OBS) Seismic Survey
Svalbard snow streamer 2009 March / April 2009 Snow streamer survey, Nathorst Land
Marine seismics data sets July - Sept 2008
GEOL-110 Field Course Jan 2008 Instrumentation details
UNIS Longyearbyen CO2 project March/April 2008 Snow streamer survey, selecting drilling site
SVALEX 23 Aug - 31 Aug 2007 Geophysical student field course, Svalbard, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
Petrobar-2007 4 Aug - 20 Aug 2007 OBS Survey, Barentz Sea, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
RV "Maria S. Merian" Jan. 2007 Participation in GEOMAR OBS Survey, Caribean waters
Smøla-2006 Survey Oct 2006 Participation in regional refraction survey, using airguns on RV "Håkon Mosby" as seismic source.
Marine seismics data sets Aug/Sept 2006
SVALEX 19 Aug - 12 Sep 2006 Geophysical student field course, Svalbard, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
OBS Jan Mayen 11-19 July 2006 Geophysical Survey using RV "G.O. SARS"
Independence Fjord May 2006 NE Greenland, geophysical survey
GEOL-200 Feb. 2006 Student course, Byfjorden, Bergen
Isfjorden, Van Mijenfjorden Sep. 2005 Survey, Svalbard, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
SVALEX Aug/Sept 2005 Geophysical student field course, Svalbard, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
Mohn- and Knipovich Ridge" 15 July - 4 August 2005, Geophysical survey using RV "G.O. SARS"
- 30 June - 14 July 2005 Geophysical Survey using RV "G.O. SARS"
Healy-2005 Aug - Oct 2005 Arctic Ocean transect using icebreaker USCG "Healy"
Geol-201 Sept 2004 Geophysical survey, collecting seismic, multibeam, sub-bottom profiler data in the Svalbard region, using RV "G.O. SARS"
SVALEX Aug 2004 Geophysical student field course, Svalbard, using RV "G.O. SARS"
GreenICE May 2004 Survey north of Ellesmere Island
FRAM-V April 2004 Arctic Seismic Survey, on icefloe (cancelled)
East Greenland, RV "Polarstern" survey August 10 to October 13, 2003 Part of EUROMARGINS 2003 Program. We supply 3 km digital streamer & recording system.
Western Norway, RV "Haakon Mosby" OBS survey May 20 to June 30, 2003 Part of EUROMARGINS 2003 Program.
G227 (IFG, UiB) Feb. 2003 Field course, marine seismics
Knipovich Ridge 2002 9 - 17 Sept. 2002 Combined streamer and OBS survey. Cooperation between Institute of Seismology and Volcanology, Univ. of Hokkaido, and Institute of Solid Earth Physics, Univ. of Bergen.
Aug. 2002 A joint geophysical field-course by several norwegian universities (data only).
EGFZ-2002 Aug. 17 to Aug. 29, 2002 East Greenland Fracture Zone survey. Cooperation between Institute of Seismology and Volcanology (ISV), Hokkaido Univ., GEOS, Univ. of Copenhagen and Institute of Solid Earth Physics, Univ. of Bergen.
COSTA / STRATAGEM Survey 2002 June 2002 Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Bergen survey, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
GFJ-294 Marine Seismic Field Course 11 - 24 Sept. 2001 Marine seismics field course, using RV "Haakon Mosby"
Arctic Ocean 2001 July - Sept 2001 Geophysical survey targeting the Lomonosov Ridge and the Eurasia Basin of the Arctic Ocean, using the icebreaker MV "ODEN".
UNIS field course 12-16 March 2001 In cooperation with UNIS, we arrange seismic field course in Adventdalen, Svalbard.
Dept. of Geology, U. of Tromsø fieldwork March 2001 Snowstreamer survey; we provide recording and blaster equipment to Dept. of Geology, University of Tromsø snowstreamer field course (in norwegian).
OBS-2000 May - June 2000 OBS Survey 2000 : Norway - Iceland
SPINOF project, Svalbard 23-29 February 2000 We participate with personell and equipment in Dept. of Geology, University of Tromsø, SPINOF project - fieldwork snowstreamer Svea, Svalbard.
Marine streamer field course 1999 16 Sept - 2 October 1999 GFJ-294 and UNIS AG-205: Marine geophysics field course 1999, west of Svalbard.
UNIS course AG-205 fieldwork 22-27 March 1999 Notes from participation in UNIS course, Adventdalen, Svalbard.
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